Access has very steep roots in the Food industry. The Garozzo family being the private family company owning the facility, have been involved in the food business for over 50 years in the Far North

2nd generation immigrants to Australia, Lui Garozzo, son of the founder of the Garozzo businesses, now runs and operates the Cold Storage arm of the families interests. Lui is very proud to also have his Daughter Rebecca now also joining the business having completed her University studies.

Access is the largest cold store facility in FNQ. We pride ourselves on having state of art facility being able to provide our customers with continuity in their food chain.

We are now one of the only companies now unloading seafood from trawlers from East Coast and Gulf, this is our passion and core business. We have expanded to now offer wharf unloading as well to be able to give our customers a complete solution in ensuring their product is tallied with accuracy.

We also accommodate other local and interstate customers with their cold store requirements.

Unfortunately our dry storage offering is now limited due to the demand in FNQ to accommodate more cold storage.